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Action. Accountability. Results.

Celeste Stacey is a Business Development and Customer Retention StrategistPublic Speaker, Business Intelligence Specialist and Human Development Professional.  Fortune 500 companies, Public Sector, and elite Higher Education organizations pay Celeste multiple six figures for her unique ability to hear the “words beneath the words”, clear the fog and chaos of their critical initiatives, dig into their core vision and drive solutions that increase their bottom lines.

 Celeste believes in living a very balanced business life that allows ample time for family, travel and fun. After retiring from running a successful Business Intelligence Consulting and Staffing company, Celeste now focuses on helping passionate entrepreneurs work through the fog of their ideas, embrace their vision, and make a great living creating life-changing value for the exact people they want to reach.

 Celeste works with her clients to break their excuses, birth their ideas and up-level their businesses.  Celeste became known to her clients as the "Excuse Breaker", the "Dream Coach" and most recently, the "Queen of Craveworthy Consulting".  (Some even lovingly call her a drill sergeant!) Celeste's clients learn to ACT on their ideas, move forward, make money and walk in their genius, NO EXCUSES!